Credai Pune
Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) Vishwakarma Awards: Evaluators Visit 23-24 December, 2014
Nomination of KushalTM has been shortlistedfor Vishwakarma Awards by Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) and CIDC sent 2 evaluators Mr. Rajeev Jain – Director (VT) and Mr. Praveen Tiwari – DGM for site visit & spot study.
KushalTM had applied under two categories ‘Award for Creating Social Development and Impact’ and second category – ‘Award for Construction Skill Development’.

Left : Mr. Gurve – Trainer demonstrating usage of PROTAB to Mr. Jain & Mr. Tiwari; (Right)DnyaneshwarMurud – Trainer giving insights regarding Masonry Trade Training.
Both evaluators were fairly impressed with Kushal Van, Trade Films, Trainee Data gathering, Database  maintenance, reports generation, Classroom Training, Soft Skills Training, on-job-practical Training. They were taken on Site visit to F Residences, Vadgaon Sheri.
They also got to see first hand Trainees with their Pass Books, Debit Cards, KushalTM’s emphasis on Safety at work. The site visit took place on 23rd December, 2014. Evaluators completed their Visit not before interacting with Mr. J P Shroff, Chairman Kushal.
CREDAI West Bengal’s visit to KUSHAL – 15th & 16th December, 2014
Mr. Ashok Kumar Pasari of Pasari Multiprojects Pvt Ltd, Mr. Pradip Chopra, Chairman & MD of PS Group Realty Ltdalong with Mr. Mrityunjoy Chaterjee, Director- CSR & Skill Development, CREDAI West Bengal.
During their 2 day trip they got understanding of KushalTM spent time with Database Team, went on site Saarthi Souvenir, Baner to see in person on-job-on-site Training. They were taken to the site in Kushal Van where they got opportunity to view Trade Films. Their trip concluded with meeting Chairman Kushal, Mr. J P Shroff

West Bengal CREDAI Team engrossed in          West Bengal CREDAI Team Mr. J P Shroff,              Masonry Training being studied with Col (Dr.)

viewing Kushal Trade Films in Kushal Van       Chairman Kushal                                                     J R Sharma, SM (Retd) CEO – KUSHAL& Mr. Rajiv

                                                                                                                                                                 Gambhir Principal Academics
Impact Assesment Study : Visit by Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) 21 & 22 November, 2014
National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) conducted Impact Assessment Study of its ongoing skill development initiatives across Five Zones. Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) on behalf of NSDC conducted study in West Zone and North East Zone, KushalTMbeing important Training Partner in West Zone was selected for the Study.
Objectives of the study
  • To document changes in quality of life, social inclusion and social mobilization of the trainees or beneficiaries;
  • To measure change in income levels, employment opportunities and entrepreneurship in targeted sectors;
  • To evaluate the efficiency, outputs and outcomes of the skill development initiatives on industry;
  • To analyze and document the process and quality of training from the lenses of multiple stakeholders (primary and secondary);

Mr. Rohit Nair, Program Manager of TISS interacting with Trainees at F Residency site

Mr. Rohit Nair, Programme Manager & Ms. Shubha Srinivasan – Project lead & 2 more Research members of TISS visited KushalTM on behalf of NSDC for Impact Study Assessment on 2 day visit on 21st & 22nd November. Their itinerary for Day One was getting insight of KushalTM by going through Aasheyen Film, CEO walked them through presentation on KushalTM; they were taken on site visit in Kushal Van to F Residency at Vadgaon Sheri where they took the opportunity to interact with Trainees.

Day Two (22nd November, 2014):TISS Teaminteracted with office staff of KushalTMindividually and studied the Database Team’s functioning  in great detail. Being a Saturday they got an ideal opportunity of witnessing Training of Trainers in progress at Kushal Office, which gave them a chance to interact with Trainers en masseandalso got Trainers to fill survey form.

TISS Impact Study Team flanked by Col (Dr.) J R Sharma, SM (Retd) CEO – KUSHAL (Left) &Mr. J P Shroff, Chairman KUSHAL  (Right)
National e-Governance Awards 2014-15 : Evaluation & Presentation
KushalTM has been shortlistedfor  National Award on e-Governance 2014-15 of Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG), which comes under Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions.KushalTM’sNomination was under the category of ‘Use of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) for Development By Non-Government Institutions’ reached a stage of evaluation& subsequently Presentation at New Delhi.
DARPG  had assigned task of Data Processing, Spot Study to PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt. Ltd.(PwC).
MrRanjitShinde from PwC visited Kushal for Spot Study on 19th November, 2014

Mr. RanjitShinde, Evaluator PwC interacting with Mr. Anil Gurve – Trainer Kushal
Model of KushalTMbeing liked by the Evaluator during the Spot Study it culminated  in being called for presentation at New Delhi on 22nd December, 2014. Powerpoint presentation was made by Mr. J P Shroff, Chairman KushalTM .
Visit of Labournet CEO on July 20, 2014
Ms. GayathriVasudevan, CEO, Labournet visited KUSHAL on July 20, 2014 had an interaction with Steering Committee Members, it was a fruitful session which could be termed as ‘Best Practices Sharing.’
Dr (Mrs) GayathriVasudevan, CEO, LabourNet is felicitated by MrRanjitNaiknavare, Vice Chairman, Kushal.
Visit of Government Polytechnic College, Goa on July 12, 2014
Mr. Luis Fernandes, Principal Govt Polytechnic College, Goa along with 3 faculty members visited KUSHAL on July 12, 2014. They visited our KUSHAL Training site 24K Glamore, NIBM Annexe to get first hand experience of Training in Progress.
Mr JP Shroff, Chairman Kushal and Col (Dr) J R Sharma, SM(Retd),CEO Kushal with the Govt. Polytechnic College Staff, Goa.
Visit BAI Solapur Team on July 7, 2014
BAI Solapur Members visited KUSHAL on July 7, 2014 and they were taken to 24K Glamore, NIBM Annexe for site visit to so that they could witness KUSHAL Training  in progress;
Mr. J P Shroff, Chairman Kushal with BAI Solapur Team.
Visit CREDAI Nashik Team to KUSHAL on May 27, 2014
Mr. Pradeep Patel along 2 Professors of KK Wagh College visited Kushal on May 27, 2014. The purpose of their visit was to observe and comprehend Kushal model with a view to examine the feasibility to start this Training in Nashik. The visitors were very impressed with the Kushal Training model and expressed their desire to take it further in due course.
Mr. Pradeep Patel, Secretary Nashik CREDAI, interacting with Trainees undergoing KUSHAL Training at  siteLunkad Sky Viman Nagar.

Mr. Dilip Chenoy – CEO NSDC inaugurated the new training centers of Kushal

Mr. Subbiah – Ex Chairman Murugappa Group visited Kushal to evaluate this programme. His valuable inputs were welcome by the Kushal team

Ms. Sonal Modi – The Regional Head Maharashtra for HDFC paid a visit to learn more about Kushal. She launched the training site at 43 Privet Drive

Mr. Shibu Baby John – The Labour Minister of Kerala visited and appreciated the efforts of Kushal

te of Kohinoor Group. Mr. Tangsale announced  banking facilities for Kushal trained employees while Mr. Krishnakumar Goyal made a generous donation of rupees 5 lacs to Kushal

Ms. Anita Rajan – Office of the advisor to prime minister National Council on Skill Development, Govt. of India inaugurated the training centre at 43 Privet Drive

KCPL – The first edition of Kushal Cricket Premier League was a grand success. The event was flagged off by a former Indian cricketer and the board of selection BCCI