Credai Pune

Kushal Social Audit.

Dr. Parag Mankeekar, Kushal Social Impact, Neeti Solutions, Pune, India.

Neeti Solutions is entrusted by Kushal to carry out Social Impact of Kushal Project. I am heading the Social Impact project as an Anthropologist with my team which includes -Dr. Ram Gambhir, Professor of Anthropology from Department of Anthropology, University of Pune and Ms. Archana Kapre as a field researcher. We are carrying out this research using anthropological research methods and use of qualitative and quantitative methods by going to field sites of Kushal and talking to all the stakeholders of Kushal and understanding the way the project is being conducted and overall impact its making. So far we have interviewed 100 trainees by asking them in-depth questions about their perception, knowledge and impact Kushal project has made on their personal as well as professional life and whether Kushal project is helping them create new aspirations in life. The analysis of the data collected so far is very encouraging and shows lot of positive impacts on their lives. Apart from that Neeti team has found out that there are lot of very interesting facets emerging from the project. One of the key areas which is emerging is the ground level innovation which is happening in almost each and every trade under the project. We are now trying to capture these innovations in either saving the cost of materials or saving the time and efforts required for carrying out a particular job in hand or innovation done by Kushal Trainers in implementing the project. One other interesting facets of the project which is emerging is the enthusiasm and interest of Kushal trainers in carrying out training in the field. Their involvement and interest is high because the the way senior Kushal project team, the kushal board and project staff is carrying out their work sincerely and in proactive way. I feel that Kushal project is going to be one of the important NSDC project in India and can certainly lead a big initiative on Pan India basis as a outcome of this project in Pune.