Credai Pune

Kushal is blessed with the guidance of people from Managing Committee of CREDAI and Kushal Advisory Committee who are equally passionate and committed towards success of Kushal as its Steering Committee and Staff is, taking kushal to great heights in such a short span of time.

CREDAI Managing Committee - 25 well known Developers from pune preside as CREDAI Managing Committee and also are a source of guidance for Kushal.

Kushal Advisory Committee - 15 Managing Committee members are selected as Kushal Advisory Committee and guiding light for kushal as well as keeping a close watch over its progress.

Kushal Steering Committee - A Team of 10 developers from Pune who have taken up the reins of Kushal as honorary work and are absolutely committed and are guiding this project beautifully not only towards the planning and implementation but also in taking this pilot project to other parts of the country.

Kushal Implementation Team - A very Committed and hard working team who's forever multitasking and is on their toes to make Vision/ Mission of Kushal successful.