Credai Pune
The existing course content on training in construction was created for engineers and supervisors. Kushal has created course content for each trade, from ground up, keeping the construction workers in mind
Kushal has a detailed course module for each trade prepared and vetted by construction industry experts. 
  1. Trainer hand- books which are illustrative and have an easy-to-explain and teach format. The trainer's handbook has day-to-day teaching instructions for each trade
  2. Trainee hand-books are in an illustrative and easy-to-understand format
  3. Illustrative video modules of each trade have helped explain technical practices effectively and in great depth. The animated and interactive nature of these modules is very effective in maintaining the attention of the trainee. 
Training material for each trade is reviewed quarterly and new techniques and practices are added to the curriculum. The training model is 80% practical and 20% classroom based. Developers have generously come forward to provide all the equipments and materials required for training, demonstration and practice. 
Kushal has put in place a professional team of 85 plus members, including 60 seasoned trainers to ensure successful delivery of the project objectives. 
All trainers have been trained by industry experts to maximize effective knowledge transfer. Efforts are constantly on to increase the number of trainers so as to train as many workers as per Kushal and NSDC's vision. 
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