Credai Pune

I. Training programme for fresh candidates

A training programme for fresh candidates is being developed. This programme will aim to alleviate the acute shortage of workforce in the building construction industry. It will provide a tremendous boost to the construction industry by adding new skilled workforce. India has a sizable rural population that can be trained and employed. Successful candidates will be immediately absorbed by the industry.
II. Certificate Course in Practical Supervision for Technical Staff 
This course is designed for the site engineers and site supervisors who require training in practical aspects of their work. The course imparts precise know-how of India Standard Guidelines with respect to quality norms to be maintained during construction. The objective is to blend theoretical and practical knowledge, that is, to acquaint the participants with construction practices followed on actual site
Kushal provides flexibility in the duration of the course. Typically, it is a 1-month training programme. The time duration can be modified for non-local candidates
Kushal certificates are awarded to the successful candidates at the end of the training and certification programme