Credai Pune


Kushal celebrated India’s 65th Independence Day at its head office in Pune. Present on this occasion were, Pune’s leading developers Mr Arvind Jain, Kushal Chairman, Mr JP Shroff , Mr Ranjit Naiknavre, Mr Abhijit Achalare, and Mr Kapil Trimal .

Chief guest for the event, Mr Arvind Jain conveyed his best wishes to all and said that It was a matter of pride that India has progressed so much in various sectors like Power, telecom, electricity etc., especially in the changes in construction industry .Through Kushal medium by receiving training the respect gained by construction workers is of same calibre as that of an Engineer or IT person. As a builder he feels proud to have started a project like Kushal and to be associated with CREDAI.

At all his sites he has recruited all Kushal Certified labour and gives them the extra benefit for their association with Kushal. Also he has placed a condition to the contractors that he will hire only Kushal certified staff not only for the benefit of Kushal but also for their own benefit and thus the benefit of our nation.

The new venture of starting professional uniforms would be implemented at his new site on the 26th of September 2012. The opportunity given by Shroff Sir would be the first project where all workers will be trained uniformed they will look like smart engineers of a Tata factory which would build a totally different image of the industry.


Kushal Chairman Mr JP Shroff requested Mr Arvind that on all his next hoardings he would mention that the workers at his site are all Kushal Certified. This would enhance the image of the project. “We are proudly associated with Kushal” can be written on the hoardings in small letters as they find appropriate. This would develop a confidence that since at the site Kushal trained workers are working, the quality of work would be the best. This also in a way ensures best outcome from Kushal workers to live up to the expectations.


“This is a certificate for Kushal. In few days I believe every builder will follow the practice.”- JP Shroff

Mr Ranjit Naiknavre rightly mentioned that “...Today as we celebrate our 65th Independence Day we have a lot of doubts in our mind. We read in newspapers about corruption but the strength of our nation is great and cannot be hampered by these incidents. Corruption may stay, will be over or reduced but that should not affect our good work. We have started our work and we are surely contributing to the development of our country. “He concluded by paying tribute to our political leader, Late Mr Vilasrao Deshmukh who had contributed a lot for the development of our country.