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KUSHAL Training Launch Event at Site Kalpataru Jade  Jan 06, 2015

KushalTM Training was launched with bang  at site Kalpataru Jade, Baner on 6th January, 2015.  
Chief Guest at the event was Mr. Shantilal Kataria, VP CREDAI Pune Metro. Guest of Honour were Mr. Jayant Oswal, Business Head, Kalpataru Ltd., & Mr. C P Agal, DGM Punjab National Bank, Mr.  M B Nambiar, Millenium Engineers and Contractors. Master of Ceremonies was Mr. Abhijit Achalare, Secretary KushalTM. Mr. J P Shroff Chairman KushalTM and Mr. RanjitNaiknavare, Vice Chairman KushalTM presided over the function.


Mr. J P Shroff Chairman KushalTM felicitating                    Mr J P Shroff  Chairman Kushal addressing               Mr. Shantilal Katariya VP CREDAI Pune Metro 

Mr. ShantilalKataria, VP CREDAI Pune Metro;                  the audience                                                              handing over Safety Jacket, ID Card to Trainee

The event also underscored the importance of Thrift and Banking as it was also launch of Association of Punjab National Bank (PNB) with KushalTM. All the speakers/dignitaries emphasized the importance of getting bank account to Trainees and how user-friendly/customer-friendly Banks have become that Banking is coming to their doorstep and they should reap the benefit of the same. To demonstrate the point around 5 Trainees were given Bank Passbooks and ATM Cards at the hands of  Mr. C P Agal, DGM Punjab National Bank.
There were short speeches by Contractors like VitthalRathod, Trainees namely – Dipak Yadav, IshwarSahu, Arvind Giri. All of the Trainees who spoke on Dias unequivocally stated that having undergone training they have had wage rise.


Mr. Jayant Oswal, Business Head Kalpataru Ltd.,            Mr. C P Agal, DGM Punjab National Bank handing               Mr. AbhijitAchalare, Secretary

handing over Trainee Handbook along with                      out Pass Book and ATM Cards to Trainees                             KushalTManchoring the event

Safety Jacket to Trainee  


Audience at the Launch Event                                 Mr. RanjitNaiknavare, Vice Chairman Kushalfelicitating ,

                                                                             Mr. JayantOswal, Business Head, Kalpataru Ltd.,