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Story of Shri.Shankarsham Rao Shinde a KUSHAL Trainee.

Painter became a Contractor

The name Shankarsham Rao Shinde is a common man’s name in Marathi. But a person Shankarsham Rao Shinde about whom we are speaking is a name which is not a common man’s name, who has undergone training from KUSHAL, like an ordinary painter but effectively after training and with his strength of taking efforts, today he has become a Contractor. Today Shankarsham Rao Shinde is working as a Contractor who was a simple labourer few months back.

Shinde is a person from a farmer’s family, residing at a small village named Antawadi of Satara District, Maharashtra. In 2002 Shinde came to Mumbai in the search of the job and started working as a labourer on one construction site at Ghatkopar. After working for a few years he came to Pune and was working and spending days on various sites. Two years back from today he started working as a painter and a small supervisor at Blue Ridge Paranjpe Scheme site at Hinjewadi Pune. On 1st April 2011, his first meeting, with Trainers of KUSHAL, Shri. Shaikh and Shri. Kashyap, took place on the same site. After receiving lot of information about KUSHAL he thought a lot to take part in this training programme. Because of the inspiration from KUSHAL team, he decided to participate in this training.

15th April 2011 was a day which was a very new day in his life, when his training at KUSHAL started. He didn’t understand how 3 months of training were passed and after examination conducted by BAI, Shinde achieved the level of Super-Skilled B. Shinde was very happy and cheerful. When Shinde was asked about his mysterious good results he answered:

“Last 10 years, I was doing painting work, but was a mechanical painter, taking paint and applying it. That’s all. During training, I understood from my Trainers that panting requires a skill and it also has theory and science. Small-small things like what is primer, how is it made, what for it is used, were not known to me during my work of last 10 years and I was not aware about the theories behind this, which were taught in this training.”

Enhanced skill, a certificate from KUSHAL and a new confidence build-up within him, Shinde quickly became more ambitious and started dreaming to become a Contractor. Knowledge of soft skill received during training, increased his confidence that nothing is impossible in this world. Self-confidence along with motivation from friends, family members, colleagues and Engineers on site, within few months Shinde grabbed a small job contract of Rs.6000/- and then of Rs.25000/-     

Today Shinde had a project of 25 floors building, amounting Rs.12 Lakhs under whom 15 labourers are working who are using semi-automatic machines like Putti preparation machine, Putti polishing machine etc. at this work. Shind is also thinking of purchasing an Air gun costing about Rs.1.5 Lacks. Shinde will definitely do this.

Shinde’s story doesn’t end here, but there is no doubt about his   future success and development.