Credai Pune

I. Site Evaluation

A Kushal representative creates a ‘Site Evaluation Report’ on the prospective training site. The report has information about the trades in which training is to be carried out along with the total number of trainees. This representative explains the training programme to the developer, project manager, site engineer, site supervisor all of whom play a vital role in ensuring that the training programme is carried out smoothly

II. Skill Mapping
Kushal has defined different levels of training and course content within each trade based on trainee knowledge and proficiency. After trainee registration, the trainers evaluate each trainee to establish their current level of skill / proficiency, based on which the trainees are divided into different categories, i.e., novice / semi-skilled / skilled and so on.
III. Evaluation
There are two levels of evaluation for each training module. The first is the one carried out by the trainer to evaluate the progress and grasp of each trainee. The final evaluation is a comprehensive one carried out by an external credible agency to ensure fairness and stringency. The final evaluation is a combination of objective questions, open-ended questions, practical tests and trainer feedback to ensure that quality training is provided
IV. Trainee Feedback on Wage Rise
The most significant indicator of the success of this training programme is measured by the increment in wages of the successful candidates. Innovative ideas and methods are used to track the ever-mobile worker and to ensure that betterment in skills have resulted in higher monetary compensation